to America



Originally debuting in 2007, Danita rewrote the entire show to have less of an “and they all lived happily ever after” feeling.


“It’s difficult to watch the news everyday and then be part of a show that seems to reflect that everything turned out fine,” she said addressing a 2016 audience. “Sometimes you have to rip everything up and start over.


The new show brings to life many heroes from Black history when they are inside their iconic moments. Whether it’s Rosa Parks right before she’s arrested on the bus, or Huey P. Newton right before they snap his iconic photo, each monologue and scene journeys the audience into the mind of that person.  “Of course I took some artistic licenses,” says Jones, “but everything is true. I wanted to humanize our heroes. When you humanize them, it gives younger generations something to strive for.”


Some of the most innovative moments in the show are when timelines are blended so that the past meets the present.  Several scenes allow certain people to have conversations with each other that would have never met otherwise. Such creative writing and staging produces flawless transitions in a show that teaches, moves, and challenges the audience.  

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