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Productions by Danita Jones is a community based performing arts company whose mission is “to create smart art, and produce unique theatrical experiences that bring true life and challenging subjects to patrons of the arts through theatric and artistic expression.”


With performances like, “Damaged Goods,” which examined domestic violence; “Perceptions,” which dealt with the tumultuous and uneasy relationships between law enforcement and the community; or “The Color of RED,” which dealt with raising the stigma of HIV/AIDS, PBDJ always takes on the challenge of presenting the kind of art that educates and changes lives. [Back to top]


Named for the color of the awareness ribbon, "The Color of GREEN"  is an innovative and unique stage production about Mental Health and the stigma and silence that surrounds it.


Through dance, spoken word, and poignant scenes, this show spotlights depression, schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, borderline personality disorder, PTSD as it relates to American veterans, and postpartum depression/psychosis. All subjects are carefully and tastefully presented to the backdrop of beautiful music, hauntingly accurate metaphors, and brilliant acting. The overall message encourages people to stop suffering in silence so that people can receive the help that they need.


This show is activism through the performing arts, and completely embodies the mission of PBDJ as we seek to change the world, "one stage at a time." 

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At Productions by Danita Jones, we believe that community involvement is the best way to get our message to everyone. We are aware that everyone out there has been affected by mental illness and/or disorders in some form or another. Help us educate those who are wondering, encourage those who are struggling, and start the conversations that we've been avoiding. It's time to stop not talking, and start doing. 

Mounting a new show not only takes brilliant actors, dancers and storytellers, it also takes venues, lighting, sound, make-up and costumes. With your donations, you can help us achieve our goal to stage this amazing show in 2018. One can make a difference! Once you click our donation button, share this web link with someone you know. Let them know you donated, and encourage them to do the same.

Would you like to be more involved? Want to partner with us as we move forward in this great cause? Do you want us to bring this show to your city? You can inquire about all these things by clicking on the "CONTACT US" button. 

Help us start this conversation, so we can open the world's eyes to the color of "GREEN." 


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