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Back to Basics

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Although PBDJ started in 2003, we didn't find our footing until around 2006. Back then, I was very wide-eyed and naive about the kind of art I wanted to do. Although my ideas varied in nature, my overall goal was to create an excellent theatre experience for every type of audience. At that time, I averaged about two shows per season, using my friends and relatives as cast members and backstage crew. I was proud of that kind of schedule because it created the ability for us to produce quality.

As the years progressed, PBDJ shows were in more demand. Because we were in demand, we added more shows...and more shows...and more events...and more shows. I went from producing live theatre, to live concerts, banquets, birthday party events....Suddenly, PBDJ ceased to be a theatre company and more of an "events" company. And while I was still producing quality "stuff," the quantity was saturating our audiences and causing people to miss what we were trying to do because they were too busy looking to see what was coming next.

Over the last few years I learned a lot of lessons...failed at some things...and finally, last year, had the opportunity to step back and take a look at our mission.

PBDJ is about quality, live theatre. It's about "bringing life to life, one stage at a time." PBDJ is about producing smart art.

This season, we're going back to our roots. We're going back to the days where we produced shows that challenged our audiences and made them want to change the world.

This season, we're going back to theatre. I hope you join us.


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