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What is #smartart?

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

When there's a production coming up, all cast and crew members are asked to use the hashtag #smartart. Every post or tweet usually has a version of that hashtag; #supportsmartart or #iheartsmartart being my personal favorites. It wasn't until I had a person, who followed us on social media, ask me, "What is smart art?" that I realized...we have been using this hashtag, and never really explained it.

I thought everyone already knew.

What is #smartart?

It's honest

It isn't spoon fed to you

It's not "airplaned" into your mouth so that you'll receive it better.

It doesn't play up to the joke, or exploit tragedy.

It doesn't hide behind caricatures or stereotypes.

It causes you to have an "ooooh" moment in your car on the way home.

It changes your life.

At PBDJ #smartart is about planting seeds so that future generations can produce better and brighter theatre; theatre that changes the world.

Now you know. Join us in our #smartart movement.

We happen to love it here...obviously.


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