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Apple Watch Reminders

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

It's funny how I depend so much on my devices to remind me to do things. I get a "ding" to remind me to check on costume orders, a "ding" to remind me to post updates on Instagram, a notification in my email to remind me to email my production team...all of these are imperative to help me stay organized. I need them for the business side of things....

Ah, this business side of Theatre; it constantly moves and keeps me busy, and in unfortunate times, keeps me from truly engaging in the artistic side.

When you're the head of a small Theatre company, that business piece becomes so daunting that you forget why you--why I went into this in the first place.

And then my watch did something reminded me of the art. The reason I love this theatre thing I do...why I love this #smartart.

As I was meticulously going through some "business stuffs" the other day, my watch vibrated. When I looked down expecting a text or email notification, I was met with a reminder: "Breathe."

To some, this would be a reminder to relax. To me? It was a reminder of the art; a reminder of why I do what I do.

In 2020, everyone will "Breathe" with PBDJ. I have never been more excited about exhaling with you. Stay tuned.


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