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A New Way to Create

We've reached a unique time where Creatives are trying to find our place. As artistic director of a live theatre company, I've spent many nights contemplating how PBDJ will survive the current times. Sometimes the worst time for a creative is to create something, and then have no place to show it.

I find great inspiration in internet challenges, Zoom meetings, FaceTime rehearsals. I'm loving choirs that virtually sing together, dancers who turn their living rooms into studios, writers who create new blogs, and photographers that turn their backyard into masterpieces. This is how we create.

Many of us are having to work through the emotions of dealing with our canceled shows, and it can leave us with a feeling of loss. I encourage you, fellow Creatives, find your voice in these virtual outlets. Connect with other artists. Let's all sharpen our irons together! Because when we get through this, the world will need us even more!


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