In A Moment... Everything Can Change

An estranged father returns on his son’s college graduation day; a group of friends are rattled to find out that one of them has a serious problem; five warring co-workers get stuck in an elevator; and a glimpse into the future shows history most definitely repeats itself. All this, plus the smart sprinkling of related spoken word to connect the pieces, can be found in this wildly entertaining yet jarring show.


“It started out as a workshop piece,” said Jones. “I used different scenes to teach certain aspects of dramatic acting. Later, I realized that even though every scene is unrelated, they’re related.”

The original show, then named “Ordinary Key Holes,” premiered at FCI Academy in Columbus, Ohio in 2009 with the FCI Academy High School Stagecrafters.  “I knew I had something when we doubled our audience each night,” Jones reminisces. The newly revised show, under its new name, mirrored its predecessor during its two-week premier run in Madison, Al in 2012. Jones attributed the success of the show to one simple hook: realistic endings. “I think you insult an audience by insisting that everything should have a happy ending. Sometimes it’s ok if it ends like real life.”


The audience will laugh, cry, and be stunned into silence—all before intermission. This must see show will surely have you on the edge of your seat.