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The Color of "RED"

A documentary filmmaker takes you behind the scenes of this compelling show's encore performance in 2013

Honesty is the only Policy


Poetry, brilliant scenes, spoken word, and dance, beautifully frame an overall message that simply conveys, “Honesty is the only policy.”


Whether it’s the opening scene where the narrator purposely breaks the fourth wall to warn the audience to “think higher”, or the scene where awareness ribbons are personified, or the beautifully choreographed dance that hauntingly depicts a young lady’s contraction of the disease, this show is sure to incite an immediate life changing experience.  “We’re not preaching lifestyle,” says writer and director Danita Jones, “it’s about being honest with people you love; including yourself.”  So goes the overall theme of this stylized modern production that examines HIV/AIDS and its affect on the Black Community in America.


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