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Season One: Gather 4 Notes

Check out our new series where our artistic director, Danita Jones talks about fun, interesting, or stressful moments during some of her favorite shows. View all 7 episodes of season one right here! 

Season Two: Inside My Mind

In this episode, Danita and her brother Brian (no relation) attempt to navigate viewers through what it's like to live with least they try.

Did you watch 2.0? You may want to. Watch all the cuts wear the conversation between Danita & Brian derailed during their conversation about ADHD. 

S2 Ep 1: Joined by photographer Gianna Snell, Danita explains why "The Color of Green" didn't launch last summer as she had originally planned.

Season One : Inside My Mind

S1 Ep1: Danita, with special guest Tibytha, raise questions about how children's lovable cartoon characters  (and some movies) can lead to people brushing off serious mental health issues. 

S1 Ep 3: Danita is joined by neuropsychologist, and friend, DaNella as they examine how social media has helped and hindered the conversation about Mental Health.

S1 Ep 2: Danita, with special guest #theboyfriend (husband Paul Jones) discuss "The Goldwater Rule" and how it's 1973 implementation may be unnecessary in 2017.

S1 Ep 4: Danita enlists the help of her real life sister, who is a real life OBGYN, to talk about Postpartum Depression. 

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